Why I Believe in Visualization Now

I was listening to a Tony Robbins YouTube video today while doing something else. But one of his exercises made me pay attention. He had the listeners stand up.

So, what the hell, I stood up.

He said “point your right arm and right index finger straight out in front of you.” Feeling dumb, I did it anyway.

Then, with both feet together and facing forward, he had us turn to the right as far as we could without straining, arm and finger outstretched. I wound up pointing to a little poster on my wall. Big whoop.

Then he had us sit down. This time we were to do the same thing. Only in our minds.

We were to imagine ourselves standing up, pointing our right arm and index finger straight forward. Then we had to imagine ourselves turning twice as far as we did before. Only in our minds. Then we were to do it again, imagining ourselves going three times as far. Finally, we were to imagine it once more, turning almost all the way around in our minds.

I saw what he was getting at, but I’m not a teenager. These bones can only do what they can do. Anyhow, as expected, he had us stand up again. This time for real. Point your arm and happy little index finger forward. Then turn to the right as far as possible.


I went WAY past what I had previously done, teenager or no teenager. What?? I was blown away.

So, corny or not, I have to admit that there is something to this visualization thing. I tend to be skeptical of anything that sounds “woo-woo,” but, I’m also a pragmatist. If it works, it works.

Then I realized later, while I was editing one of my scripts, that I use visualization all the time when I write. I see everything before I write it. I have to. I watch a scene play out in my head first, then I try to figure out how to “direct” the action on the page. After I reread my edited script tonight, I felt like I had seen a movie. I always feel like that after reading any script.

So, maybe visualization isn’t so woo after all. Maybe I should keep doing it. Maybe, like Tony says, I, too can become “unstoppable.” Okay, too far.

Have a beautiful weekend of “seeing” whatever it is you’re working towards.

Peace and love,


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