Valentine’s Cray

  • Raven
  • February 15, 2016
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February 14, 2016


Dear Valentine’s Day,

We need to talk.

Listen. I’m sure you’ve sensed that this has been coming for a while. Seriously. Do you really not know how hard it is to be single in this town without an entire day filled with gaudy balloons and heart shaped crapola to remind a girl that she’s utterly alone?

For those fortunate enough to be with people who love them, do they really need another day besides their anniversary to flaunt their status? For those people who are in love but broke, do they absolutely need another reminder they can’t give their mates everything they would like to? For the sorry women out there who want desperately to believe that their boyfriends will one day fall in love with and/or marry them, do they need this day of reckoning to tell them that their daydreams are flimsy illusions? Do the bloated corporations who manufacture this shiny red kitsch for you really need any more money?

Valentines, I’ve held this in for too long. And for that I apologize. We’ve had some good times, but we’re just going in different directions right now. It’s not me, it’s you. I’m sorry, I’m just being honest right now. I’m sure you’re a good match for someone out there, but at this point I just need to be on my own. Let’s not make a scene. I just need to get out and see what it’s like to live without you for a while, Valentines. This is a good thing. For both of us. 2017 will be different.


Recently single people everywhere


And for anyone else out there who has been driven a little cray-cray by this stupid day – and is relieved that Valentines Day is finally over – can I get an amen?

Have a great week!



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