Natural Rock Crystals for Tumbling

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This collection of crystals gives you several options, depending on your needs:

  • Amethyst: spiritual connection, breaking bad habits, protection from negative energy
  • Clear Quartz: all-purpose, amplifies energy of other stones
  • Sodalite: intuition, calm
  • Green Aventurine: prosperity & love
  • Topaz: joy, creativity, generosity of spirit
  • Red Aventurine: independence, ambition, vitality & blood flow
  • Red Jasper: groundedness, stability, backbone
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Additional information



Use in

conjunction with a chakra wand.

Feature 1

Natural Stone

Feature 2

Irregular Gem Stone Decoration

Stone Size

Approx. 0.95-1.2"inches

Stone Material Include

Amethyst/Clear Quartz/Sodalite/Green Aventurine/Topaz/Red Aventurine


7pcs Set Irregular Stones

Stone Material Included

Topaz/Red Aventurine/Red Jasper