Self Love First, Weight Loss Second

Today, as I was pondering what I wanted to share this week, I started thinking about all the different exercise tips, recipes, dieting strategies, and motivational things I could write about. Lots of fun topics crossed my mind.


But, then I thought – what if it were okay to just be okay? What if you didn’t need to “fix” yourself at all? What if your arms were fine the way they were? What if your soft belly, comfortable and stretched out after housing several babies, were an object of love instead of scorn?


What if you ate healthy food because it made you feel good rather than as punishment for something non-nourishing you ate earlier? What if being healthy allowed us to be better people rather than to take more bikini-clad selfies?


What if we exercised by doing things we found enjoyable or productive, like gardening, taking walks with our families, or finally cleaning out the closets?


What if our insides mattered to us as much as our outsides?


Today, this blog is an answer to those questions. There is nothing wrong with being fit, toned, strong, and sexy-lean. But it is just as important – if not more – to be “lean” on the inside.


What does that mean?


It means learning to forgive, to let stuff go, to not demand perfection from ourselves or each other. It means listening to and obeying our consciences. It means treating ourselves and others with dignity and respect. It means prioritizing rest and connection with others just as much as getting ahead and getting stuff done.


MeIt means looking in the mirror and smiling. Not because we’re perfect, but because we’re alive. We’re still in this crazy game called life. We still have a chance to make a difference on the planet, to grow, to love, and to share.


This doesn’t mean we should just smoke, eat junk food, and sit around. Those actions are not loving. Self care comes from a place of compassion and inner peace. Not guilt, not shame, not “ought-to’s” or “shoulds.”


Love yourself as much as you want others to love you. Love yourself the way you would if you were your own child.


Next week, if we still want to, we can talk about those flabby arms.


Peace and love,


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