Poem: The Truest Eye

  • Raven
  • August 16, 2016
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The Truest Eye


Powerful you are,

Twin chocolate peepers,

Scoping out

Glistening glittery yummy things,

Shapely muscled manly things,

Perpetually advertised fashionable things.

Reasoning seduction,

Consensus of deception,

Producing belief

Based upon mischief,

Beautiful falsehoods,

Crawling like hairy-legged meddlers


Only by the other one,

Silent mindful eager one,

Oft-ignored and patient one,


Missing nothing,

Seeing only brothers.

Family compassion

Seeing through

Packaged perfection,

Practiced swagger.

Diving into cool waters,

Real me, real you.

Embracing new

Possibilities of authenticity

“Love is blind?”

Only the dimmer view.

That window that sees,

Unhindered and free,

Is hidden attention

Living within

Twenty-twenty insight

To all that is

Behind sticky mist.

This one true eye

Is the one to trust

When dimmer vision

Entices specious lies, or lust.

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