New Moon, New Me

Yesterday, there was a new moon. The moon will spend the next 28 days or so developing into its brilliant fullness before it again contracts into a silver sliver in the sky.

For the next two weeks, those of us who honor the earth’s cycles have the opportunity to set new intentions for the month, plan for abundance and prosperity, take on new challenges, and develop new habits. The two weeks following that can be a time for releasing bad habits, ending toxic friendships, relationships, and situations, and letting go of that which no longer serves us as the moon wanes, returning to its crescent.

This is especially true for me right now, leading up to my next birthday. Birthdays for me are no longer about parties and presents (actually, they were never much about that). But, now, more than ever, my birthdays are my own personal New Year’s celebrations. They are about evaluating my life, choosing what I wish to continue, and what I wish to discard. Birthdays, for me, are a time of quiet introspection and excited planning.

To that end, I will be working harder on my business, Grown Folks Fitness, which is my personal training and coaching business. I have also started a YouTube channel under my name where I will discuss life topics and spirituality.

I hope you are well and that you are living a life that you are happy and satisfied with. It’s so important, in these few years we have to live and flower before returning to the earth, that we do what we love, be with whom we love, not waste time with anything that is unworthy of us, and try to make a positive difference on the planet.

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend,


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