My Six Mile Run

  • Raven
  • April 28, 2018
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Today’s long run was six miles. I chose a trail I’ve never run before. I have rollerbladed down this path before, but running, of course, is a little different. It was mostly an incline on the way out with the wind in my face. No bueno. But the way back was nice and “fast,” (fast for a slow runner).

I did well given that I really started feeling it at mile four. It actually hit me earlier, at mile three, that running is very much mind over matter. My heart was not beating out of my chest. I was not out of breath. Even my muscles were not burning. It was my mind that was burning.

Part of the path takes you past Playa Vista beach. The beautiful water, people relaxing in the sun. I became aware of the fact that I wanted the pounding on my body to stop. It was my mind that wanted to quit. My body was fine.

So, my mind needed a little pep talk. Most of my runs consist of one part of my mind trying to convince the other part of my mind – the one that directs the body – to just relax and keep going. Any method of persuasion is on the table: bribes, threats, lies (it’s not that much further). Whatever it takes to keep going.

When it’s finally time to stop, it always comes as kind of a surprise: Oh, it’s over? Oh, good!

So, tonight I get to sleep it off and let my wondrous body do the repair work it needs to get me up and out the door again tomorrow.

You have a wondrous body too! Put it work and watch what it will do for you.

Have a great weekend!

Peace and love,


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