My New Year’s Resolutions

  • Raven
  • January 2, 2017
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Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a good time. I sure did!

There are two times of the year when I am at my most introspective: New Years and my birthday, but especially New Years. Some people look at New Year’s resolutions as a cheesy or hopeless activity where one writes down clichéd and impossible goals one has no intention of fulfilling. However, for me, New Year’s resolutions are fun. And I have every intention of fulfilling everything on my list.

For me, resolutions are not so much about goal setting, performing certain tasks, or “fixing” myself. The New Year is about fine-tuning how I actually define myself. I get to look at the past year and decide how the lessons of that year will inform how I approach the next year. I get to decide who I want to be and why, based upon my values and my past experiences.

So, here are a few of my New Year’s “resolutions.”

  • I resolve to advocate for myself at all times. I’ve had to learn this the hard way this year. If I don’t radically stand up for myself and advocate for my own needs, people feel no shame in inconveniencing me, pushing through my boundaries, forcing their beliefs and agendas on me, etc. No one cares more about me than me!
  • I resolve to develop and share my gifts out of respect for my incarnation here on the planet. I believe that the reason we are all born with different innate talents, interests, and ways of being in the world is so that we can show up authentically as that – and benefit our communities and the world. We can’t all be accountants, computer programmers, and doctors, regardless of the salaries these fields offer. I plan to do what I need to do to support myself and make a living, but I have an obligation to myself and the world to nurture that which makes me special, that which makes my heart sing.
  • I resolve to love people authentically and without agenda, regardless of the consequences. Our social contracts often teach us that we have to play games with each other in order to get what we want. In dating situations, men and women both play manipulative games in order to push their agendas on each other. In work situations, people play “office politics” in order to edge one another out as they claw their way to the “top” (the bottom, in my opinion). I resolve not to participate in this. If I care for someone, I will act like it. If I later learn that they are unworthy of – or ill-equipped to receive – that caring, I will remove myself from their life and bless them from afar. But I will not lower myself to game-playing and manipulation, even if I know it would “work.” People are not things to be used, but eternal beings to be cherished and respected.
  • I resolve to give the lion’s share of my attention to my spiritual practice. I cannot and will not limit myself to one spiritual discipline. There are many that I draw from, and I will continue to do so, regardless of other people’s opinions. Being honest with myself about that, and developing a personal practice that makes sense to me, has made me into a person that I deeply respect. I will continue to develop and fine-tune my practice as my wisdom increases.

These resolutions are the bedrock of my intentions for 2017. The actions I take will align themselves with these principles. So I think it’s going to be an amazing year.

Good luck to everyone in fashioning the life they want this year and every year thereafter.

Peace and blessings,



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