My Friday the 13th Run

Happy Friday the 13th!

I just want to talk about my run today. It was so great. My “long” run for this week was 5 miles, which I ran this morning at the beach. My miles for this week totaled 18, with 19 as my goal for next week.

Redondo BeachFirst of all, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect if I had placed an order at It was sunny, but the sun was gentle and caressing, not punishing. The temperature was warm, with a cool, persistent breeze that lovingly wicked the sweat away. The water danced and sparkled, and the beach was littered with attractive, toned volleyball players. All of this incredible scenery entertained me as I pushed myself beyond my current limits.

My music today was also instrumental in pushing me along. I stream music as I run, so I never know exactly what I’m going to get, regardless of the theme. Today I chose “90’s Aggro Anthems” on Google Play. I’m not sure what that even means, but every song was motivating and helped me keep going when I fantasized about stopping.

Other runners whizzing by me did not make me feel bad today. I am their slow sister, but Friday_the_thirteenthwe are all on the same journey. I’m committed to staying as injury-free as possible, so gradual increases are important. I stuck to my pace overall, picking it up a little as I headed back. There’s nothing like knowing you’re halfway done to give you a little more energy!

I forgot to document all this loveliness with selfies and such. As a Grown Folk, I tend to forget the photo evidence. But I hope you can pick up on the pride and self love in my picture and enjoy the beauty of another perfect beach day captured earlier.

Here are my stats: 5 miles; Total time: 1:03:20; Pace: 12:40

Whatever you do this weekend, make it memorable!

Peace and love,


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