If you can see it, and believe it, you can achieve it!


This phrase has become a cliche, but it’s the absolute truth. You can’t achieve something you can’t see in your mind. But once you do see it, you’re on the way to achieving your goals.


A word of caution, though. Your mind does not discriminate between things you want and things you don’t want. If you envision it in your mind, if you speak about it out loud, if you churn it around in your consciousness through fear-based complaints and resistance, you will encounter whatever it is you hate – in one form or another. So please allow your thoughts and your words to reflect your deepest held values – not your fears and insecurities.


Once you see your dream clearly in your mind, picturing yourself living the life you want to live, doing the things you want to do, you have completed the first and most important step. Action is critical, of course, but your actions are guided by your vision. Create a vision that is worthy of you!


The following video is just a little taste of the types of things that can help you create your vision. Not all of us are good at developing mental pictures out of nothing. That’s where videos, magazines, paintings, and other people come in. Whenever you see something that reflects what you want, find a way to save it and refer back to it. Put yourself around it. Do more of it. Listen to others who are living it. Eventually you will get inside of what you want. It will  become part of you, not something separate and foreign.


Once it becomes a part of your consciousness, you will begin to see yourself in a different light. Then others will begin to see you in a different light as well. Be it in consciousness first. That way, when you achieve your dream in visible form, it will not feel strange and uncomfortable. You will not sabotage it, nor push it away. On the contrary. You will be expecting it!


Have a great weekend creating a life that is worthy of you!


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Peace and love,


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