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  • March 24, 2018
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This week I watched a short film called Hypothetically, written and directed by Isaac Ravishankara. I liked it so much I watched it three times, not including the times I backed up to watch something again. It’s only about 6 1/2 minutes, and I thought it was great.

Why did I like it? I think I liked it primarily because I like films that involve the strange psychology of relationships. The twist was set up nicely. It was funny. It was timed well. And the ending was satisfying.

**spoilers (kind of) below**

But, another reason I liked the film is because I was the girl in this situation. Kind of. Once.

Due to the meddlesome interference of an ex-boyfriend’s female friend (boyfriends and their female friends could fill a whole other blog), this boyfriend – call him B – was going to break up with me. He had already told this female friend – call her C – that he was dumping me. I knew it was coming, and I didn’t really care. There had already been too many ups and downs with this individual.

So, after a day at the beach with friends, we sat down to talk by ourselves.

O.K. Here it comes. Good!

But then…something shifted in me.

As he gave me his break-up spiel, I decided in my head, and then out loud:  “No.”

Much like the guy in Hypothetically, B looked surprised. No? Who says “no” to a breakup? Just…no.

But the reason why I said no is because I knew that if we broke up, it would be because of other people: his manipulative drip of a friend, C; my friend, D, telling me that B was useless. Drama, drama, drama. I told B that before we decided anything, we would need to give it a real shot. Make a real go of it.

So, instead of breaking up, we started over.

The second we were done talking, the aforementioned villainess, C, who always seemed to be in the vicinity, came up to me to “console” me on the break-up. I just nodded and smiled. She would get her little bubble burst soon. And did.


So, she remained my enemy. And B and I broke up down the road, on our own, for reasons not involving C.

But my “No” remains something I’m proud of.

Is there some nonsense you need to say NO to this weekend? If so, do it!

Peace and love,


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