Finding Your Tribe- The Importance of a Writing Community

  • Raven
  • May 12, 2014
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“A true critic ought to dwell rather upon excellencies than imperfections, to discover the concealed beauties of a writer, and communicate to the world such things as are worth their observation.” –Joseph Addison

What I’m reading right now. Love this book!

As I bide my time until I begin my graduate studies at Southern New Hampshire University, I am having fun learning and exploring on my own.  I am taking the free writing course I wrote about in my last post, and it has been quite excellent.

The most important lesson one can learn about any art is to just keep doing it.  Joining writing classes, whether online or in person, encourages one to actually write; and it puts one in direct contact with like-minded individuals.

As much as we may want to think that we are strong-minded – and that others don’t influence our thinking – we are very much impacted by the company we keep.

Therefore, if we want to be writers, we must engage with other writers.  Regardless of what we want to do and be in this world, we must find our tribe and nurture them as they nurture us.  Spending large amounts of time with people who don’t share our passions can eventually frustrate our creative efforts.

So, even if all you do is read books and blogs on writing at first, view this as the first step. The goal is to find a group with whom you fit:   they need you and you need them.  You inspire each other, challenge each other, help each other, and spark creative jealousy in each other (the good kind!)

This type of community could come through formal education, but not necessarily.  There are many other avenues of education and support.  All you have to do is take the first step.

Find your tribe!  Contribute!  And let your writing speak for itself.

In solidarity,


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