Rain Tree Spirit Holistic Health and Metaphysics is a business that celebrates love, life, and the All Good. The right-side-up pentagram is an ancient pagan symbol for Spirit (God). The owner of Rain Tree Spirit practices Wicca, which is a nature-based religion. She believes there is One Power, One Presence that manifests in the world in many beautiful forms. Her practice is eclectic in that it honors all positive spiritual paths, including Buddhism, Christianity, Kabala, New Thought, etc.  If the path is True, Good, Uplifting, Helpful, and Positive, then it is respected here at Rain Tree.

No devils need apply.

If you have further questions, please feel free to email us or call (310) 526-9818. To learn more about the company and the Owner, please follow our Blog, and follow us on YouTube, where we add new content every week.

Rain Tree Spirit offers a secure site online where you can pay with a credit card. Alternatively, you can receive an email invoice or pay in person with a credit card, if preferred.  This applies only to services. All products are paid for online via our secure credit card site, using PayPal or Stripe.

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Prayer requests are completely free. Simply join the newsletter list on the Home Page and select “Prayer List” from the drop-down menu for general prayer. We will be happy to add your name to our Prayer List and pray for your situation during the week. You can provide as much or as little detail as you are comfortable with via email or the Contact Us page.

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Fitness, Life Coaching, and Reiki Healing Sessions are 50 minutes long.

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Rain Tree Spirit Holistic Health & Metaphysics was founded in 2017. However, the owner has been a fitness professional for 23 years, a certified coach for 9 years, a certified hypnotherapist for 9 years, and a spiritual healer and Reverend for 3 years.

This means that it comes in a laminated bag made of two layers of Polypropylene film. It gives excellent moisture barrier, high clarity and good tear strength.

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Life coaching is one-on-one interaction between you and the coach to help you resolve a specific life situation. With the coach, you will review your goals and potential obstacles to help you design a plan. Life coaching is particularly helpful when making significant transitions, or setting  major goals: job loss, career change, relationship issues, weight loss, financial challenges, or new beginnings.

Coaching differs from therapy in that the focus is on the solution, and developing an action plan. The “problem” is only useful to discuss insofar as it provides a background to help create the solution.

Unlimited phone and email support is provided between meetings as needed.

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Reiki is a complementary healing modality designed which works in tandem with your standard Western medical protocol. It is Universal healing energy channeled from the practitioner to the client, in a peaceful, therapeutic setting.

The client lies on a massage table or sits comfortably in a chair. The practitioner channels the energy through his/her hands. The practitioner hovers the hands over the sections of the body where chakra centers are concentrated. The Reiki energy goes wherever it is needed to bring about emotional and physical healing.

After the healing session, the client follows the recommendations of the practitioner to support the healing process. This generally includes a period of rest, lots of water, and quiet time.

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Items that arrive broken or completely different from what was ordered may be refunded. Item(s) must be returned to us. Please notify us right away upon receipt if this occurs so we can work directly with you to resolve the situation.

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Shipping times are approximately 2-4 weeks, with 10 business days as the average. Items are shipped as ready, so they often arrive in separate packages. We are grateful for your patience and understanding.

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If you have an issue at Checkout, please contact us at For questions about products or past orders, please contact us at For general questions, please reach out to us at or phone us at (310) 526-9818.

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Many of our items are natural stones or crystals. These items are not uniform in shape or color. Also, variations in computer monitors can make items look a slightly different color or size. Please check the item size before placing your order. We use the metric system, so please either use an online converter or contact us and we will be happy to provide the item’s measurements.


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