Every Goal Needs a Plan

I’m a New Year’s resolutions person. And I love asking other people whether or not they’ve set their own resolutions. I enjoy hearing what they want for themselves in the coming year.

Some people think New Year’s resolutions are unnecessary, that they don’t need or want to change anything. Some think they are a waste of time, that they are bound to fail anyway. And some make New Year’s resolutions – but stop there. My conversations with this third type usually go like this:

Them:“My resolution is to lose weight this year.”

Me: Cool. How much?

Them: (pause, while they think) “10 pounds.”

Me: Cool, that’s doable. Did you join a gym?

Them: No.

Me: Oh, well, you don’t need to. What are you going to eat differently?

Them: (silence) Um…

Followed by subtle subject change.

My point is that a resolution, or goal, without a plan, is a fantasy. Fantasies are fine. They cheer us up and help to pass the time. But once you’ve resolved to do something, you need a plan. How will you achieve it? What are the potential obstacles that could get in your way? Why is this goal important? How will you know when you’ve achieved it? Who can you get to help you? Asking these questions is a great way to start.

You can become pretty much whomever you want to become. The seeds of innumerable great things are inside of you, waiting to be fed and watered. But to achieve any goal, you must have a plan – and some support. The plan can be loose or detailed. The support can be a person, a book, or a podcast. Support reminds you that you can when your self-doubt tells you that you can’t.

Next, you need to choose a time to reevaluate. It could be a week, a month, six months. This is a time to stop and measure your results. Then, you can either continue your current plan, fine-tune it, or scrap it. Sometimes you realize that your original goal is no longer desirable. That’s okay too. What’s important is perpetual forward movement.

If you need help moving forward, consider life coaching. I’m a wellness coach specializing in health and fitness. Please contact me for more information.

Good luck in the coming year and, as always,

Peace and Love,


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