Female Strength in ‘Battle of the Sexes’

Emma StoneThe thing that stood out to me the most about Emma Stone’s physical transformation for her role in Battle of the Sexes was something her trainer, Jason Walsh, and the article’s author, Gina Florio, said about her: “The physical transformation wasn’t the end game for Emma, though. ‘Just having that kind of strength and that kind of confidence that athletes have was a big psychological advantage.'”


I remembered how I felt when I first started weight training. There is something about it, I think, especially for a woman, that is very empowering. We are used to being considered “weak” by society. And, when we neglect our physical fitness, we are weak on that level.


But once we start noticing that we can lift heavier weights, something happens to the brain. You start to feel like you can handle anything. You feel confident. You carry yourself a little differently. You notice that you can eat more without gaining weight, which frees up your mind a little bit. I also noticed that I didn’t get as cold as I used to. The extra muscle, with its higher metabolism, kept me warmer.


So, even though the movie is called “Battle of the Sexes,” there is no battle, in my opinion. Men have a lot to learn from women. Women have a lot to learn from men. Women have a strength that goes beyond the physical. Every human being walking this planet was brought into the world by a strong woman who endured unspeakable pain to make that event happen. That’s a different kind of strength.


Nevertheless, having more muscle, being able to lift heavier things, is a confidence-booster. All of us have an athlete inside of us somewhere. Breaking out of our comfort zones to tackle new physical challenges has benefits that go way beyond the physical.


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