Caring for Knee Pain as a Runner

I wanted to share the above resource because it has been really helpful for me. I started running in mid-February, but last week I was injured in my right knee. I’ve had to cut back my training and take more rest days.

I had built up to 19 miles per week, but am currently scaling it back to about 10.  I ice the knee at least twice a day and take Ibuprofen twice a day with meals. In addition, today I performed the conditioning exercises in the above video before my run at the gym. I was able to complete the run successfully with little to no pain.

Usually I do any weight-lifting or conditioning exercises after my run, but all these exercises require no weights, so they worked great as a warm-up for me. If you’re newer to working out, I wouldn’t suggest doing the whole routine before a run, especially for the number of reps they recommend. If you’re new, you can do them afterwards, or on a separate day, or do a shortened version before your run.

In the meantime:

Keep moving, keep feeding your body, soul and spirit, and have a beautiful weekend!

Peace and love,


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