An Ode To Being Single

  • Raven
  • October 27, 2014
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I wrote this poem after my last break-up. It was a bad relationship in a lot of ways, so I was happy to be single again. It’s so much better to be alone than to be with the wrong person.  However, I will concede that it is better to be in a relationship with the right person than it is to be single! However, until that person comes along, it is important to be grateful for – and enjoy – your singlehood.  Cheers!

Happily Single

Can you clap with one hand?

Can you dance on one leg?

Can you bend but one knee

And properly beg?

Tie your shoe with one string?

All alone have a fling?

Kiss a man with one lip?

Hula-hoop with one hip?

If not, are they right?

Must we all couple up?

Should I give up the fight,

Blissful peace interrupt?

To join with a guy

Who will want me to be

An extension of him,

Forget all about me?

Clean the house, handle moods,

Do whatever he wants?

No more privacy, sleeptime,

My hobbies all gone.

I think and I smile and I answer this way-

Dear me, and myself, are a couple today.

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