A Poem About Television

  • Raven
  • May 23, 2014
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Lately I have rediscovered my love for poetry. It was birthed in me as a child, but under the strain of neglect and numerous distractions, I rarely wrote anything down.

However, in these past 2 weeks I have established the discipline to put pen to paper and give form to my thoughts.  I hope you enjoy!

Without Thought

created May 8, 2014 by Raven Burnes


Magical rectangle

Of iridescent light

Keeper of mysteries

Companion at night

Sucker of time,

Motivation, and will.

Despite all you cost us

We do love you still.

Our life without you

Would be empty and vain

Where would we go

To forget all our pain?

Might we turn to each other,

With caring and love?

Might we fall to our knees,

Turn our thoughts far above?

Might we talk to our children?

Cure an illness or two?

Might we finally stop wondering

What we’re meant here to do?

If we all turned our faces

Away from your glare,

Might we turn to each other

Learn once more to care?

Would we start feeling beautiful?

Would we stop buying “stuff”?

Might we wake up and realize

That we are enough?

I wonder.  And ponder.

Be ye friend or foe?

Benign and kind?

Or from Satan below?

Does your presence block us?

Our destruction you seek?

Or do you simply sail us

To the end of the week?

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